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Individual Development

Our Individual Development Program

Our goal is to provide excellence in our tennis coaching programs along with providing exceptional facilities for players of all ages and abilities. Our programs are focused on building up individual character and talent of our students. By gaining new experience you will meet new players with similar interests. Our tennis camp is located just next to the forest, which provides excellent possibilities for jogging activities, so that you will combine specific tennis technical and tactical training with excellent physical condition training in and outside our facility. Our highly trained staff will coach and guide you along with the milestones and targets of your individual development program.

Players are able to supplement their group program with individual private tennis lessons and a wider range of tennis programs including regular scheduled Group Play, Special Events and custom Tournament Preparation sessions.

Along the most comprehensive facilities and coaching staff in the Anzing Area, including health and fitness facilities we are located in Anzing-Obelfing, only 20 minutes from Munich’s center. Also, Tennis Academy Munich is located close to the Munich Airport, one of the Europe’s biggest ones and always easy to reach for you. Tennis Academy Munich can be your tennis base for preparation for tournaments in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. By taking advantage of our tennis academy, you will definitely enjoy the primary location and fascinating surroundings!

Please ask for our Spring & Summer tennis school and holiday programs here in our facilities with 4 indoor tennis courts and 12 clay courts. 


Registration Criteria:

  • Players are placed according to their age, experience and ability. The Academy reserves the right to change placements based on ongoing recommendations of the coaching staff. The club also reserves the right to make changes to class times and player groups to accommodate a group learning environment.
  • A Parent / Court Appointed Custodian / Legal Guardian -or- the student himself if older than 18, must meet all financial requirements and sign the Registration Form for program application.
  • Academy provides attractive prices and discounts for extraordinary talents upon evaluation and recommendations by our coaching team and external consultants.


Individual Development Programme for Beginners and Youngsters Age 6-9

Includes but it’s not limited to:

  • Training plan for technique, coordination and fitness
  • Indoor and clay courts
  • Lecture and discussion of specific relevant literature
  • Video analysis and development tips
  • Fitness & physical development programme, including permanent health checks, physiotherapy, etc.
  • Ball machines
  • Teaching & learning aids in individual lessons and related group lessons
  • Coaching for individual & group lessons
  • Skills & fitness testing
  • Technical training – diagnostic evaluations
  • Tactical training – for singles & doubles
  • Fitness training – group and individual components for physical development
  • Friendly matches with follow-up analysis
  • Regularly scheduled round robins, mini & mid-court tournament
  • Preparation for local tournaments


Junior Tennis Development – Essential and Advanced Players

Girls & boys under-16 (includes but it’s not limited to):

  • Build individual plan for tennis, coordination and fitness hours per week
  • Eventually re-tooling of their existing skills set and correcting of habits and techniques
  • Develop tennis fundamentals and athletic skills
  • Regular individual development and progress testing and reports
  • Learn etiquette and point play terminology for tactical and technical development
  • Players will learn to play with sound essential techniques
  • Optimal shot selection and strategies to perform basic point play situations
  • Regular scheduled round robins and mini tournaments
  • Individual video analysis and follow-up adjustments
  • Lessons where students are coaching other students
  • Understanding and accepting of the main goals, which are mutually defined
  • Players should go through all basic strokes on their every practice day
  • Preparation for local & international tournaments

For you to get an idea on how we train our students for techniques, coordination, fitness, speed, etc., please review the selected videos through our website.


Standard Schedule for Practice Routines:

Regular Schedule – depending on the age, physical condition and individual goals, the regular training takes 60-120 minutes with corresponding breaks. Our coached try to avoid monotone training sessions in order to keep the attention and motivation of our young students on continuously high level.

  • Warm up (physical, coordination & technical)
  • Core training, drills, etc.
  • Cool down & stretching
  • Review & summary


Munich Tennis Academy core training regularly includes but is not limited to:


  • Restricted groundstrokes
  • Crosscourt & close out the point
  • Inside-out Forehand Rally
  • Backhand cross-court & down-the-line
  • Counter-attack
  • Hack drill
  • Mid court forehand
  • King (Master) of the court



  • Placement, spin and power
  • Consistency Test
  • Placement
  • Combination with Groundstroke
  • Combination with volley
  • Combination with defensive shot



  • Standard return techniques and positionings
  • Cross-court return
  • Return by attacking forehand
  • Return and approach
  • Short-angle return
  • Backhand down-the-line return
  • Return combinations 



  • Groundstroke & Volley
  • Low and Half Volley
  • High and Drive Volley
  • Smash, volley & dropshot
  • Approach combinations
  • Approach + Volley
  • Short selections options (offensive, defensive, spin, slow / high recover balls, angle shots, etc.)



  • Master of Counter-Punching
  • Cross-court forehand
  • Cross-court backhand
  • Cross-court shot angle
  • Smash & passing:
  • Down-the-line forehand
  • Down-the-line backhand
  • Combinations with approach tennis



  • Motivation
  • Release & relaxation drills
  • Mind clearance & visualization
  • Concentration & focus
  • Emotional control
  • Self confidence
  • Body language drills
  • Thought-replacement drills
  • Release and Relaxation drills



  • Maximum Strength
  • Explosive Strength
  • Endurance Strength
  • First-step reaction
  • Aerobic Endurance
  • Anaerobic Endurance
  • Reaction Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Co-ordination & balance
  • Prevention of injuries


Our Standard Operational goals:

  • To achieve a 80% effectiveness in the flat first serve.
  • To achieve almost 100% effectiveness in the topspin second serve.
  • To achieve almost 100% effectiveness in the slice second serve.
  • To achieve 90% effectiveness in the return of first service
  • To achieve 100% effectiveness in the return of second service
  • To achieve 90% controlled consistency in groundstroke baseline game.
  • To achieve comfort feeling and high consistency in approach tennis quality..
  • To implement basic tactical pattern for all-court player, counter-puncher, aggressive baseliner.
  • To achieve tournament routine and high rankings by participation in national/international tournaments.
  • To achieve physical and mental stability and fitness for difficult competitive situations.


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