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Meet the Head Coach


Alexander Stepanek

Senior Performance Coach


Alexander Stepanek is working as a Head Coach in the Tennis Park Sepp Maier since 2012. For his tennis center in Germany, Sepp Maier has attracted Alex, who is well recognized as a former professional  player and a former Davis Cup player, for this position of a Head Coach, due to his extensive experience and knowledge of tennis techniques and tactics, as well as his ability to bring tennis center students to a professional level. He welcomes individuals of all ages and ability.

Alex Stepanek has been playing tennis since the age of 6. His dynamic performance ultimately gave him a place in the German national team and the German Davis Cup team from 1983 to 1989. His best world ranking placement is 103. He is a left-hander, an enthusiastic coach who works with high-potential kids and adults in order to help them to achieve next professional level in their tennis career. Alex has built an experienced team of professional coaches with former Bundesliga careers, who assist him in coaching and training of young high-potentials. All Tennis Academy Munich coaches pride themselves on the clear and positive pathways they guide students on, from beginners, right through to advanced players. The team is here to look after any tennis needs, goals and aspirations you may have.

Alex has also brought expertise in marketing of tennis professionals and their product lines, due to his experience as a former Managing Director at Volkl, responsible for international marketing of Boris Becker product line, and due to his previous experience as a Project Manager for Boris Becker International business activities in tennis field. He is specialized in providing support in tennis tournament preparation, as well as in improving technical and tactical skills and capabilities. When managing the Tournament Preparation programme, he successfully coached club teams, school teams and individuals to secure numerous national titles. Currently, his main focus is the development and management of the new Individual Development Performance Programme.

astep2 astep3Each player will be able to relax and most importantly have fun on the court, maximizing their potential, perfecting their technique and improving all of their strokes.

Alex and his team would gladly welcome you, and respectively your kid in our Tennis Academy Munich for individual assessment and analysis of the players’ skills, techniques & capability.