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The Legendary Sepp Maier


Ask any German football fan who is their country's finest all-time No1 and you will most likely get two answers: Sepp Maier and Oliver Kahn. While the latter hung up his gloves as recently as 2008, the original Bayern goalkeeping legend is a product of a much earlier generation.

The greatest German goalkeeper of all-time, Sepp Maier won absolutely everything there is to win. Maier played his whole career at the Bavarians of Bayern Munich, where he celebrated three consecutive European Cups. He was also a pillar under 1974 Germany's success in the World Cup.

His goalkeeping skills where so perfect and his reflexes so fast, that fans used to call him "Die Katze von Anzing" (the cat from Anzing).



Despite his international popularity and widespread recognition as a superfine goalkeeper, most people are unaware of the fact that 'Cat from Anzing' was obsessed with and shared an equal passion for tennis.

In his time away from the football fields, Josef Dieter (Sepp) Maier would spend his evenings practising and playing tennis, ultimately deciding to materialize his lifelong dream and build his own Tennis Club Academy in a trully magical location.

In the year 1974, a complex of multiple indoor & outdoor tennis courts was established in Anzing, right on the edge of the Anzinger Forest, bearing his name - The Sepp Maier Tennispark Club.

The beauty of the surrounding nature, the multiple indoor and outdoor courts, the high quality catering facilities and the gorgeous terrace allowing players to relax after an intensive game session, quickly made the club a preferred destination not only to local tennis enthousiasts but to international celebrities as well.

Famous actor 'Charlton Heston' and legendary goalkeeper 'Sepp Maier' enjoy a pint of Bavarian Beer at the Sepp Maier's Tennis Park, in Anzing (28 September, 1976)sepp-heston2Sepp Maier - 'Shooting' Tennis Balls at his Tennis Academy in Anzing, Munich

1st & 2nd Photos: Famous actor 'Charlton Heston' and legendary goalkeeper 'Sepp Maier' enjoy a pint of Bavarian Beer at the Sepp Maier's Tennis Park, in Anzing (28 September, 1976)

3rd Photo: The 'Cat from Anzing' shooting tennis balls with a racket, at his Tennis Academy in Anzing, Munich.


Preserving the legend


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Tennis Academy Munich (Sepp Maier Tennispark) has never been in better shape! We cater for all levels of play, offering specialized training with a personal touch for each student and a commitment to excellence. Sepp himself has trained numerous youngsters and adults here at the academy. We are determined not only to preserve the high standards and quality assurance levels fixed by him but to even further them so as to provide a consistent, professional-tier tennis experience.

Our Academy keeps up with the latest developments in tennis coaching and strives to excel in converting tennis enthousiasts into champions. We know that Tennis is more than a sport – it’s a passion. We believe in providing superior services that focus on results for every player, whether you have just taken up the game or are looking to make a career on the professional circuit. That’s why we aim to produce champion people first, which results in champion players we can be proud of. We aim to have an environment where students strive to achieve in an atmosphere of fitness and fun. We have the desire to improve student-learning outcomes in tennis while influencing students’ attitudes and behaviours by demonstrating an understanding and appreciation of the importance of physical activity combined with a healthy lifestyle. 


The coaches of the Tennis Academy Munich (Sepp Maier Tennis Park) believe tennis coaching is a profession that can influence students’ lives. We are able to witness students improve and grasp new concepts. Each challenge can bring a new reward for the student, parents and coach. We believe that coaches are positive role models who lead an active and healthy lifestyle that inspires students to learn and shaping themselves into complete players.

Our tennis programs teach essential motor skills, which include agility, balance and coordination. We provide a range of tennis based activities and fun games, that all help to develop these skills, whilst teaching our students the fundamental aspects of tennis. Browse our programmes page for a detailed outline of the main component parts of the training provided.