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Tournament Preparation

Our tournament preparation includes basically physical, technical, tactical, and mental elements, which we follow on with our students.

• Service combinations
• Return combinations
• Groundstroke & volley combinations
• Passing shots
• Tie-breaks

We Practice Different Key Match Situations, including but not limited to the following ones:
• Restrict service games to only one serve. This improves the second serve consistency.
• Service games with service joker. Provides the server with more confidence for the first service.
• Start service with 0:30. Server should avoid the breakpoint situation.
• Play games where the server plays only serve and volley.
• Play games where the players should hit groundstrokes always deeper than the service line. Who hits short first loses the point.
• Play games where the server has only restricted number of balls to win the game.
• Play games where a player wins two points at once when winning the point at the net.
• Play games where a player loses 2 points at once when hitting the ball in the net from the baseline.
• Organize placement, depth, and pace competition of individual strokes.
• Play games where a player wins the game if he gains 3 points in a row (series of three points in a row offers a high probability to win a game).
• Organize match situations with handicapping (+15, -15, etc).
• Play games with restricted placement of returns for first and second service.
• Play games where a player who rushes the net and a player with passing shots gain 2 points by successful action
• Play 2-vs-1. The single player has to manage successfully to deal with less time to react, to recover and to adjust, as well as with different spins and length of the incoming balls.
• Play changing directions. Each player has to change direction as soon as possible. Both players have to recover practically permanently cross, and to position themselves well and in timely manner.

We have developed a successful routine to coach our players based on their individual character, talent, mental strengths, but also according to their expected role as a clear favorite or underdog.
• Before the match starts
• During the match
• After the match